Need a cross-platform mobile game?

Have an awesome idea? Or just want an own version of popular title? No problem! We will help you with everything related to mobile gaming. To have a start point, please use the form below to get an initial idea on how much and how long this may cost for you! Your name and email is not required, but if you include this information, we can get back to you!

Game cost request form

Game cost request form

  1. Something simple like endless runner/flyer game with several obstacles
    Something more complicated like Interactive book or puzzle with several layers
    Something even more complicated like poker game or worms
    No, I wanna something really huge!

  2. Windows Phone 8 only
    Windows Phone + Windows Store (Windows 8.X)
    Windows Phone + Windows Store + Android
    Windows Phone + Windows Store + Android + iOS (both iPhone and iPad)
    I will select myself

  3. 2D only
    2D environment with several 3D objects
    Totally 3D

  4. I will provide all graphics and sounds assets
    I need multiplayer online game
    I need online leaderboard
    I need social functions (like Facebook login and score sharing)
    I need realistic physics engine

  5. Please solve this math problem to continue. Thanks!